Las Vegas Children Events Limo Transportation

The next time you are in charge of transportation for a kid’s birthday party or some other special children events, forget about driving and call 24/7 Limousines at 702-616-6000.

If you are planning a children’s event to celebrate a birthday, major milestone or some other special occasion, you can make sure it’s a day the littles ones will always remember with limo rental from 24/7 Limousines.

Limousine rides aren’t just for adults anymore. Besides, this is Las Vegas, where over the top is the norm and everybody, regardless of age, deserves VIP treatment on a special day. Our luxury vehicles can transport any size group to the Adventuredome amusement park at Circus Circus, the ice rink, the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, a local park, a show on the Strip or anywhere else in or out of town.

Kids can’t help but get a kick out of riding in the back of a luxury limousine, especially since it is the only car ride they can enjoy while being as rowdy as they want. With the privacy partition closed, the driver can focus on the road while the kids are free to have a ball. Turn on the fiber optic lights, use the iPod hookup to play their favorite tunes or pop a DVD into the player and pass around the juice and cookies.

You will enjoy the ride as much as the kids will. With limousine rental, you won’t have to worry about messing up the family car or driving through the streets of Las Vegas with a carful of children who are having a difficult time controlling their excitement. Leaving the driving to a professional eliminates your stress so you can have fun, too. Feel free to snap pictures and take all the video you want while your driver takes on the responsibility of making sure you all arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Rent one of our H2 Hummer limousines and the look on your child’s face is sure to be priceless when it shows up at your front door. Choose from red, black or pink to suit your little one’s personal style. This vehicle seats up to 18 passengers and each one comes fully equipped with an updated entertainment system, satellite radio, CD players, DVD players, flat screen TV’s, colorful laser, neon and fiber optic lights and even a smoke machine. Your kid will be the talk of the school when word gets around about the party with the Hummer limo ride.